Tangerine on white with clipping path.

Eating Mindfully

Experience eating an orange as never before.Join me Monday, February 10 at noon for a special 1-hour experiential workshop on Eating Mindfully as part of the Chinese New Year Celebration at Portland’s Lan Su Chinese Garden. For details, click here.  Note: This event was cancelled due to snowy weather conditions. It has not yet been […]

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Reducing Stress from the Inside Out

Going Inside In mindfulness meditation, we use the breath as a way to get into the “inside.” While focusing our attention within, we can remain grounded in the present moment, uniting the mind with the body. As we stay mindfully alert, we can ardently direct attention on the breath as the object of meditation, stilling […]

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trappings of a comfortable life

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

We live in a consumer-based culture that values success based on the attainment of the comfortable life. We surround ourselves with exotic pillows, fine beds, soft chairs, fashionable clothing, pain medications, an abundance of food, state-of-the-art devices and entertainment galore. There is nothing wrong with possessions and comfort. Nevertheless, attachment to these comforts can be […]

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thoughtful child


Self-restraint is an important aspect of mindfulness practice for developing health and happiness. One can identify someone who is well-honed in mind training by their ability to refrain. The skill of self-restraint can also be associated with a person’s level of maturity and emotional intelligence.In terms of evolution, the neocortex is a more developed region […]

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