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Why Meditate?

Welcome to the practice of mindfulness meditation. Recent scientific research proves the strong affective relationships between mind and body. Our state of mind (including attitudes and emotions) directly influences our physical health and well-being. Mindfulness meditation can benefit your life in so many ways by helping you to:
  • reduce stress,
  • manage pain,
  • boost your immune system,
  • change neural connections in your brain so that you can develop better habits for living, and
  • improve relationships with yourself and others.
Life is short. Why wait? 

My Approach

Anyone can learn and practice meditation. Although Eastern culture offers many forms of meditation, my approach is systematic and non-religious. My aim is to offer a practical way of doing things in everyday life. Just like going to the gym with a personal trainer, I will guide you step-by-step, from wherever you are ─ any age or health condition. Any time is good to begin, and I will attend to your individual needs, if requested.

About Surja Tjahaja

I come from the world of business management and hold a MBA degree in International Business from the University of Southern California. The values of fast-paced decision-making and monetary success were a big part of the mindset of my training. But meditation has been a life-changing experience for me since I began practicing over 13 years ago. I am especially interested in how we can transform ourselves to be more mindful of our connections to others and more peaceful within our own bodies. I am fascinated by how meditation promotes neuroplasticity and healing. As a member of OHSU’s BRAINet, I continue to inform my teaching with brain science research as well as draw on my past hospital chaplaincy experience and my pragmatic, solutions-oriented approach to life. I currently teach meditation in the Portland, Oregon metro area through affordable community Parks & Recreation programs.  I invite you to check out the offerings on this web site and welcome you to join in the practice of mindfulness meditation.

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Quotes from Surja

  • Meditation is like going to a gym where you take care of your mind.

  • If you point your mind in the right direction your body will follow.

  • I’m a business man. I’m interested in the bottom line. I want to know what really works for your day-to-day life.